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Per­haps more sur­pris­ing than any­thing you’ll find in Sur­var­ium is that Vos­tok has em­braced free-to-play as its busi­ness model. Sil­ver is earned ev­ery match, while gold is handed out less gen­er­ously and can be ob­tained via credit card. “We’ve seen so many games that have cre­ated a bad im­age for free-to-play,” Ya­vorsky says. “The public un­der­stand­ing of it changes bit by bit, though, [and F2P has] a lot of po­ten­tial be­cause it is still evolv­ing. From a dev’s point of view, it takes a gi­gan­tic amount of game de­sign, data anal­y­sis and what­not to find that right recipe to make your game look fair in the eyes of the play­ers on one hand and be able to earn enough cash to fi­nance your stu­dio… But we don’t of­fer power for money in the game, and that in­stantly made our task way more chal­leng­ing!“

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