Haz­ardous en­vi­ron­ment


It’s not just en­emy forces that you can ma­nip­u­late – the very en­vi­ron­ment can be­come your tool. When shot, magma flows spit out globs of lava that can turn the nearby patch of space into a mine­field, and spiked plants try to skewer any in­cau­tious enough to pass close by. There are also spined globes that ex­plode on con­tact like lethal dan­de­lions. And that’s just in the as­ter­oid fields of our hands-on – we’ve seen glimpses of metal bases, too. The only down­side to th­ese reg­u­larly used tricks is that the game’s pro­ce­dural spa­ces can start to feel like reshuf­fled vari­a­tions on a theme, and the fi­nal ver­sion will need a bit more va­ri­ety in sur­prises or set­tings to re­tain the oth­er­wise strong sense of place.

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