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Fifty Shades Of Grey is re­garded as the mo­ment the eBook be­came truly main­stream, but can Meg Jayanth see a text adventure equiv­a­lent? “The thing is, peo­ple like be­ing told sto­ries – around a fire, over the din­ner ta­ble, through lines of text on pa­per, on screens. That more peo­ple are read­ing on screens def­i­nitely opens up the doors for block­buster, main­stream in­ter­ac­tive fic­tion. The only rea­son the next Fifty Shades couldn’t be a text game is if no­body tries to make it. And hey, why not sexy text games? Imag­ine an in­ter­ac­tive ver­sion of Fifty Shades where you can tell Chris­tian Grey to bug­ger off in chap­ter two and go out with that nice bloke at the cof­fee shop down the road?”

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