Os­cil­lo­scope Quake www.bit.ly/os­cilquake Most Quake mod­ders fo­cus their ef­forts on keep­ing the game run­ning, and look­ing its best, on mod­ern hard­ware. Finnish pro­gram­mer Pekka Väänä­nen has other am­bi­tions, which is why he de­cided to port the fast-mov­ing, strafe­happy and ex­tremely brown shooter to a Hi­tachi V-422 os­cil­lo­scope. It’s cer­tainly bright­ened up the game. On his blog, Väänä­nen of­fers a post-mortem of the process, from his testing phase and cre­ation of an XY-os­cil­lo­scope sim­u­la­tor to a list of pos­si­ble im­prove­ments for any­one who wishes to take the project fur­ther. It’s a tech­ni­cal read, but never dry, and if talk of ge­om­e­try ex­trac­tion phases and phos­pho­rus de­cay sim­u­la­tion proves too much, you can al­ways skip to the video demon­stra­tion of Episode One, Map One in fizzing green wire­frame.

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