Into The Stars PC With a flotilla of dog­fight­ing games in­bound for 2015, Into The Stars is more in­ter­ested in your Janeway fan­tasies than your Star­buck ones. You’ll shep­herd a rookie crew back home, scav­eng­ing sup­plies and trad­ing Technicolor vol­leys with aliens, all to a score by Jack Wall.

Puz­zle & Dragons Z 3DS As we might have men­tioned be­fore, the me­chan­ics in the smart­phone ver­sion of P&D are an un­remit­ting joy, but it’s not with­out its prob­lems. Most are linked, in­evitably, to mon­eti­sa­tion, so the IAP-free 3DS ver­sion is an in­trigu­ing prospect, and the bun­dled Mario-themed game still fur­ther in­cen­tive to make the switch.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One Your move, Lara. For all that her pre­vi­ous out­ing did well, it was in Un­charted’s thrall. With Naughty Dog giv­ing

Un­charted a much-needed kick up the back­side, Crys­tal Dy­nam­ics, backed by Mi­crosoft’s cheque­book, must do like­wise.

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