Into the light


The Long Dark as­pires to make play­ers con­tem­plate their sit­u­a­tion even as it tries to kill them. This is a hu­man dis­as­ter, and the sur­real aes­thetic en­forces the sen­sa­tion of cling­ing to a rock adrift in the cos­mos. In­domitable moun­tains, back­lit by the North­ern Lights, are as they ever were, un­per­turbed by ge­o­mag­netic events even as hu­man­ity gives up its hold on the planet.” One of the most in­cred­i­bly re­ward­ing mo­ments for me,” Van Lierop says, “was when we first shared the build with some of our back­ers and we started to get feed­back. Some­body wrote in and said, ‘I was freez­ing to death; I had no food; I didn’t know where to go, so I climbed to the top of high­est peak that I could find and I died watch­ing the sun rise.’”

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