One of the ques­tions that kept pop­ping up for Har­monix dur­ing the Kick­starter for

was, ‘What hap­pened to all that

money?’ The truth is that although

cer­tainly made some­one very rich, it wasn’t Har­monix. “When Har­monix was ac­quired by Vi­a­com [in late 2006], the vast ma­jor­ity of the money paid for that ac­qui­si­tion was to the for­mer share­hold­ers, which was pri­mar­ily the in­vestors who had funded our op­er­a­tion for ten years and kept us in busi­ness,” ex­plains co-founder Alex Rigop­u­los. “The wind­fall from that sale of the com­pany re­ally has noth­ing to do with the cur­rent com­pany that now ex­ists. We’re now just a small, in­de­pen­dent stu­dio again, fac­ing the same chal­lenges that any indie stu­dio does.”

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