Keep­ing an eye on the coin-op gam­ing scene

Nin­tendo has teamed up with Cap­com and Sega to cre­ate Luigi Man­sion Ar­cade, a light­gun spin-off of the spec­tre-both­er­ing se­ries. The en­closed theatre cabi­net fea­tures a 55-inch screen and a pair of de­light­ful Polter­gust vac­uum cleaner ‘guns’, which play­ers use to suck at fur­nish­ings to find coins as well as do battle with lu­mi­nes­cent ap­pari­tions. A but­ton on the end of the Polter­gust’s hose ac­ti­vates your torch so that you can stun your quarry be­fore fran­ti­cally shak­ing the con­troller in an ef­fort to bag them. Some larger ghosts can only be de­feated if play­ers com­bine forces and cross their streams, while oth­ers will shrug off your torch light and re­quire the use of a more hefty strobe bomb.

Both play­ers get to be Luigi, and while the game plays out in firstper­son, the plumber does make a num­ber of ner­vous ap­pear­ances dur­ing cutscenes. Be­fore you start, Polter­gust cre­ator Pro­fes­sor E Gadd pops up to ex­plain the busi­ness of ghost hunt­ing, and then it’s off to Gloomy Manor, the only lo­ca­tion an­nounced so far and one that fea­tured in Luigi’s Man­sion: Dark Moon. Luigi Man­sion Ar­cade is due for Ja­panese re­lease in June, but no plans for a west­ern ver­sion have been con­firmed yet.

Game LuigiMan­sionAr­cade Man­u­fac­turer Cap­com, Nin­tendo, Sega

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