Dur­ing Spencer’s pre­sen­ta­tion, he also an­nounced wire­less Xbox One con­troller adap­tors for PC as part of a drive to­wards greater in­put par­ity across all Win­dows plat­forms. But is the team think­ing about do­ing the same for phones and tablets? “Yeah,” Spencer says. “I mean, there’s a timeline and it’s cer­tainly not a to­day thing. But I see so many teams us­ing – not that we’ve done any­thing about it – a 360 con­troller plugged into their PC. It’s good for the de­vel­op­ers that they can rely on a com­mon in­put as their base­line. That’s good on PC, and I think that would be good on phone. I think the use isn’t as ob­vi­ous as it is with PC, but when we think about the vi­sion of giv­ing de­vel­op­ers a com­mon in­put mech­a­nism that works across all Win­dows 10 de­vices, whether it’s a tablet, lap­top, Xbox or a phone, it’s part of the vi­sion, ab­so­lutely.”

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