Hot­line Miami 2 in­cludes a level edi­tor, ac­cessed from the main menu but marked as ‘al­pha’ at the time of writ­ing. This al­lows play­ers to build their own stages from any of the com­po­nent parts avail­able to the main cam­paign and, as such, it’s an open-ended so­lu­tion to the weak­nesses of that cam­paign. Even­tu­ally, it’s fea­si­ble that Hot­line Miami 2 could be­come a hub for much bet­ter Hot­line Miami stages than it of­fers to­day. Given that Den­na­ton has al­ready con­firmed that there won’t be a Hot­line Miami 3, this is a hope­ful note to end on. From this point on, Hot­line Miami more or less be­longs to its com­mu­nity. The value propo­si­tion that this se­quel rep­re­sents stands to in­crease sub­stan­tially should it take ad­van­tage of the tools pro­vided.

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