Ori’s pow­ers are sup­ple­mented by a se­ries of up­grades, which are or­gan­ised not so much in a skill tree as three dis­tinct branches whose nodes are ac­ti­vated with ex­pe­ri­ence points gained from col­lectable orbs and de­feated enemies. You can boost Ori’s en­ergy me­ter to con­jure check­points more reg­u­larly, for ex­am­ple, or gain ex­tra health each time one is placed. You’d ex­pect the dif­fi­culty curve to ease off a lit­tle for the most thor­ough ex­plor­ers, but an ex­panded life bar means lit­tle when the num­ber of one-hit-kill haz­ards ramps up markedly. With later foes re­quir­ing more fire­power to de­feat as well, you’ll have to back­track quite some dis­tance to feel em­pow­ered. Still, at least nav­i­ga­tion is much quicker once you’ve un­locked Ori’s charged leap and triple-jump abil­i­ties.

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