Ahead of the Curve


By the time you read this, The Swin­dle will be al­most fin­ished, Mar­shall tells us. The main chal­lenge ahead of him is bal­anc­ing the econ­omy. “I’m keen to make sure it feels re­ally sat­is­fy­ing. You want stuff that’s ex­pen­sive enough to be de­sir­able, but not so mas­sively ex­pen­sive that you don’t feel you’re ever go­ing to [af­ford] it.” Once he’s fin­ished the PC ver­sion, he’ll then have to wait two months while con­sole edi­tions pass var­i­ous com­pli­ance tests, with Curve Dig­i­tal han­dling the ports for five other plat­forms. “I’m de­lighted they’re tak­ing care of all that,” Mar­shall says. “I love my job and I’m lucky I’m able to do it, but that stuff is com­pli­cated, hard, bor­ing work as far as I’m con­cerned.”

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