Push­ing the senses


Thumper is in­tense with head­phones and a mon­i­tor, but we can’t help won­der­ing what plung­ing into its world through the lenses of a VR head­set would be like. “When we started work­ing on this game, the idea of VR tech just seemed like fan­tasy,” Flury says, “so it was never a core part of the de­sign. But, yeah, it would be cool.” Gibson agrees: “We’re def­i­nitely think­ing about that. But the rules for mak­ing some­thing work re­ally well in two di­men­sions are com­pletely dif­fer­ent from the rules for mak­ing some­thing work well in three. We’re al­ready down the road on the twodi­men­sional game, so we’re go­ing to fin­ish that and then ex­plore how else we can present it.”

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