While a head­start of a few vi­tal days on the game’s of­fi­cial re­lease means PvP in­va­sions are a rare sight on our first playthrough, From’s remixed en­emy spawns have made NPC red phan­toms a more com­mon sight. One brand-new type, the For­lorn, are a wan­der­ing band of phan­toms who long ago lost their cor­po­real forms and sim­ply can’t get enough of your pun­ish­ment, ran­domly spawn­ing in a dozen dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions. De­feat enough of them and their gear be­comes avail­able for pur­chase from Straid Of Olaphis in Sin­ner’s Rise. Their weapons’ dam­age out­put scales with how Hol­low you are, a de­light­fully lore-ap­pro­pri­ate con­cept that helps give con­text to one of Dark Souls II’s more irk­some sys­tems, which depletes your health bar a lit­tle af­ter ev­ery death.

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