Pri­mal’s largest car­ni­vores – the T rex and Quet­zal­coatlus – are best at­tempted in com­pany, and there’s pleas­ant ca­ma­raderie among the dozens of hun­ters that pop­u­late the game’s pri­vate servers. Strangers call out warn­ings about rap­tors and pass ammunition freely, al­le­vi­at­ing the strain on new play­ers and demon­strat­ing a mea­sure of suc­cess in Pri­mal’s at­tempt to sim­u­late a real ex­pe­di­tion with a hunt­ing party. Too much com­pany, how­ever, puts hu­mans at the top of the food chain: a well-equipped group is a mo­bile ex­tinc­tion event. In the big­gest, 16-player servers, gangs hatch plans to ac­tively draw out T rexes and mow them down with­out dig­nity. The fleet­ing per­fec­tion of long pur­suit and fear­some strug­gle is lost again, ex­cept this time it’s un­fair on the dinosaurs.

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