While Re­so­gun is de­signed to be as im­me­di­ate as pos­si­ble, ear­lier ver­sions of the game in­cluded a tu­to­rial level. “It was about half as long as a nor­mal level, and play­ers needed to com­plete it to start the ‘real’ game,” Krueger ex­plains. “We had on­screen prompts, abil­i­ties that un­locked grad­u­ally, and tai­lor­made en­emy waves to help demon­strate the game’s me­chan­ics. But dur­ing testing, most play­ers ig­nored all of this any­way and just wanted to play the game as soon as pos­si­ble. So we scrapped the stand­alone tu­to­rial level, and ended up in­te­grat­ing ba­sic tu­to­rial el­e­ments and in­tro­duc­tory en­emy pat­terns into the first level. This worked much bet­ter, since it elim­i­nated down­time and just threw play­ers into the ac­tion. We’re of­ten work­ing on a tight bud­get so we need to pick our bat­tles very care­fully. So, rather than flesh­ing out tu­to­ri­als, it feels more pro­duc­tive to spend that time im­prov­ing the game.”

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