www.bit.ly/wipe­outview Twenty years ago, Do­minic Sz­ablewski at­tempted to write him­self into Wipe­out his­tory. Well, he tried to get a bill­board to dis­play his name. That en­deav­our failed, but he re­cently de­cided to re­turn to the game’s code and have an­other rummage. This time, he man­aged to ex­tract all the tex­ture and model data, and re­assem­ble the lot. The re­sult is this web­site, which fea­tures ev­ery orig­i­nal track and al­lows you to switch be­tween free and fly-through cam­eras. The lat­ter, while mostly good, sits a lit­tle higher than the orig­i­nal cam­era, ex­pos­ing the ab­sence of ge­om­e­try in places the eye couldn’t wan­der pre­vi­ously. Of course, you can in­dulge this pry­ing fur­ther in free-cam mode, and it’s fas­ci­nat­ing to see just how sparse the track builds are – we’ve al­ready wasted too much time drift­ing hyp­not­i­cally round Kar­bo­nis V.

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