Pause the game dur­ing a match and you’re pre­sented with a slimmed-down move list, show­ing com­mands for spe­cial moves and fin­ish­ers. The lat­ter, how­ever, are de­cep­tive: it’s not the full Fa­tal­ity in­put, but a sim­pli­fied com­mand, re­quir­ing only that you stand in the right po­si­tion, hold the block but­ton, then press ei­ther Square or Tri­an­gle. Easy Fa­tal­i­ties, it turns out, are a con­sum­able item, avail­able for pur­chase on the PlaySta­tion Store, and a snip at just £4.99 for a pack of 30. Also avail­able is a £24.99 sea­son pass con­tain­ing four new char­ac­ters, in­clud­ing a Preda­tor and Ja­son Voorhees. Most tempt­ing of all is an au­to­matic un­lock of ev­ery item in the Krypt, though since it’s stick­ered up at £15.99, we’ll just stick to our de­fault cos­tumes and look up Fa­tal­ity in­puts via Google.

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