While the di­a­monds found in lev­els power the game’s over­ar­ch­ing econ­omy, you’ll have to res­cue most of the lobby shop­keep­ers be­fore you can spend your ice. Many ven­dors are found trapped in golden cages, and will di­rect you to dig for or pur­chase the match­ing key to re­lease them. That done, they’ll ap­pear back in the lobby, a few ready to un­lock new items or re­move them from the po­ten­tial pool, but the ma­jor­ity of­fer­ing ways to train against en­e­mies. The most use­ful shop keeper, how­ever, is held in a glass cage, and he re­turns mean­ing to di­a­monds by let­ting you buy items to start runs with. Since his key can only be found in se­cret rooms and shat­ters when you take a hit, great care and skill are needed be­fore you can dic­tate your start­ing weapon.

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