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EDGE - - KNOWLEDGE E3 2015 -

Welcome to the fan­tasy zone. At even your most un­likely dreams can come true

Poor Mi­crosoft. This was its best E3 con­fer­ence in years, a fo­cused, finely paced 90 min­utes that firmly po­si­tioned Xbox One as a ma­chine for games and the peo­ple who play and make them. There were eye-catch­ing re­veals, game­play demos for the known quan­ti­ties, and a dras­tic broad­en­ing of both the con­sole’s game lineup and its fea­ture-set. There were even a cou­ple of digs at the com­pe­ti­tion – per­haps the surest sign that Mi­crosoft knew it was on the up and that Sony, with Un­charted 4 slip­ping to next year and SCE pres­i­dent An­drew House cop­ping to Sony’s sparse 2015 first­party of­fer­ing on an in­vestor call, was strug­gling. Mi­crosoft had the games, the ser­vices and, at last, the mes­sage; Sony once again sought to pass off mul­ti­plat­form third­party games as ex­clu­sive first­party ones, lean­ing more heav­ily than ever on plat­form­spe­cific con­tent to keep PS4 on top of the pile. In the end, none of it mat­tered: within the space of a few min­utes, Sony had res­ur­rected The Last Guardian, an­nounced a true Fi­nal

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