Mi­crosoft cer­tainly has a keen in­ter­est in VR, un­der­scored by its re­cently an­nounced con­troller deal with Ocu­lus, but its HoloLens AR vi­sor is tak­ing HMDs in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion. Mi­crosoft’s E3 con­fer­ence in­cluded a demon­stra­tion of how

might work with the de­vice, and while we weren’t able to try that out our­selves, we did at­tend a spe­cially set up War­zone brief­ing in­stead. Akin to a Uni­ver­sal Stu­dios at­trac­tion, we be­gin in a locker room, which forms part of a larger

themed set. Putting on the HoloLens unit, we’re able to see pro­jec­tions on the wall, as well as ob­jec­tive mark­ers that hang in the air as if part of the real world. A quick walk to the brief­ing room re­veals a view into a drop­ship­filled hangar and a holo­graphic dis­play in the cen­tre of a large panel. HoloLens works just as Mi­crosoft’s demon­stra­tions have sug­gested, but the hard­ware’s rel­a­tively nar­row view­ing an­gle, which see ob­jects dis­ap­pear­ing if you’re not care­ful to keep them in view, harm its wow fac­tor, es­pe­cially in the light of dis­play ad­vances be­ing made over in the VR world.

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