As tra­di­tion dic­tates, lev­els end with you jump­ing through a ring dot­ted with the sun­flower face col­lectibles you’ve found in the pre­ced­ing stage. A marker moves around the perime­ter and slows to a stop af­ter you pass through; if it alights on a sun­flower, you trig­ger a bonus game in which you must col­lect chunks of fruit within a tight time limit. In pre­vi­ous games, suc­cess here would be re­warded with ex­tra 1-Ups, but since this game has no lives sys­tem – death sim­ply drops you back at the most re­cent of the many check­points – you’re only play­ing for high scores. Yoshi’s Is­land speedrun­ners use frameper­fect in­put tricks to en­sure they don’t trig­ger pro­gresss­low­ing minigames; here, you soon feel like drop­ping them a line to ask for the de­tails.

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