Bungie has even man­aged to make the free-roam­ing Pa­trol mode rel­e­vant again, with a reg­u­lar public event that sees waves of pow­er­ful Fallen en­e­mies ar­rive in drop­ships. When all are de­feated, a trea­sure chest ap­pears on a 90-sec­ond timer in one of a hand­ful of dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions in the vicin­ity; open­ing it may yield a rare key used to open a large loot chest be­neath the Prison Of El­ders. Play­ers quickly found that if you left and re-en­tered the area with that chest be­fore the timer ex­pired, you could open it again. It was a fine, player-made metagame that made bet­ter use of the Spar­row speeder bikes than Bungie ever has, but the stu­dio shut the ex­ploit down with a patch – the stu­dio isn’t quite ready to let play­ers call all the shots.

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