We Happy Few



Pub­lisher/ devel­oper Com­pul­sion Games For­mat PC Ori­gin Canada Re­lease TBA

Our first death comes swiftly, and a lit­tle weirdly, as three iden­ti­cally faced vil­lagers ap­pear from be­hind a wardrobe and take um­brage at our rum­mag­ing through a chest of draw­ers in a di­lap­i­dated house. Like much of this al­pha build re­leased to Kick­starter back­ers, en­emy types and spawns are in need of a lit­tle fi­nesse. The pro­ce­dural al­go­rithm, with its love of 80-de­gree slopes in town cen­tres, could do with some work too. The sys­tems, how­ever, are com­ing to­gether: hunger and thirst to man­age, weapons and restora­tives to craft, and a host of pedes­tri­ans and cop­pers around whom you must sim­ply try to act cool.

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