Un­locked right at the be­gin­ning of the cam­paign, the Hack skill is used to add new ten­sion flash points to al­ready nail-bit­ing es­capades. Each hack­able item – bombs, shut­ters, mines, doors, et al – re­quires you to stand still and re­spond to di­rec­tional stick press prompts as the cam­era zooms grad­u­ally in on your po­si­tion, steadily de­priv­ing you of pe­riph­eral vi­sion. Since not ev­ery vi­sion cone can be coshed into sub­mis­sion be­fore a hack is re­quired, tim­ing is ev­ery­thing, and quick re­sponses will be re­quired to avoid de­tec­tion. Mines and other lethal traps add a fur­ther com­pli­ca­tion: fail a cue or try to step away mid-hack and they will ac­ti­vate. The pay­off is that they turn on their for­mer mas­ters, though you still don’t want to be stand­ing too close when they’re set off.

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