The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt PS4

A re­turn trek al­lows us to lux­u­ri­ate in this world’s finer de­tails, but only puts its early nar­ra­tive odd­i­ties in starker re­lief. Ger­alt be­gins trav­el­ling light, with­out money, loot or witcher’s brews, but pretty soon you’ll be fill­ing his sad­dle bags with Buck­thorn and Balisse Fruit, coin and ar­mour. It makes for a bet­ter game­play arc and we could do with­out more am­ne­sia plot­lines, but it’s a blink­ered re­set all the same.

Tri­als Fu­sion PS4

Rid­ing a crudely sim­u­lated uni­corn through buggy cour­ses cre­ated in an en­gine made with trial bikes in mind is even less fun than it sounds. Thank good­ness, then, that Tri­als Fu­sion’s Awe­some Max Edi­tion DLC is flanked by a se­lec­tion of proper tracks – built by Red Lynx staff along with some ex­tremely tal­ented play­ers – to help wash away the stench of horse ma­nure.

You Must Build A Boat iOS

Eighty-Eight Games’s match-three dun­geon crawler takes some get­ting used to. Its puz­zle grid is set on rails, so di­rec­tional swipes move not just the de­sired tile, but the en­tire row or col­umn. It’s pacy, too, both in its ac­tion – en­e­mies at­tack au­to­mat­i­cally ev­ery few sec­onds, so speed is king – and its pro­gres­sion, with a steady, pleas­ant flow of un­locks and up­grades. Thank­fully, it’s also cheap, a paid down­load that’s com­pletely free of IAPs.

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