One el­e­ment re­tained from Jour­ney To The West is Mon­key’s Cloud, though rather than al­low­ing him to leap great dis­tances, here it’s a cir­cu­lar hov­er­board that comes to life with a bassy, elec­tronic whoosh. Used ini­tially to cross stretches of wa­ter poi­soned by oil, it comes in handy dur­ing later sec­tions, al­low­ing Mon­key to quickly evade charg­ing dog mechs, or to keep up with a ram­pag­ing rhino bot in a lin­ear chase se­quence, with blue col­lecta­bles boost­ing its speed. Trip quickly di­vines a sci­en­tific ra­tio­nale for its idio­syn­cra­sies, cit­ing the pres­ence of lo­cal static charges that might trig­ger it. Mon­key’s ex­pla­na­tion is rather more straight­for­ward. “Like I said,” he dead­pans, “it works in some places, not in oth­ers.”

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