www.kick­ended.com Kick­starter may have shed some of its lus­tre re­cently, but it con­tin­ues to play an es­sen­tial part in get­ting games cre­ated. Spare a thought, then, for all the projects that miss their fund­ing goal – es­pe­cially by the widest mar­gin pos­si­ble. Kick­ended col­lates cam­paigns for which $0 were pledged. Among the videogame high­lights you can find Online

Play­erMan­ager2, a mod­ern – and ap­par­ently un­wanted – twist on Play­erMan­ager2, il­lus­trated with art­work from the orig­i­nal along­side limp new sketches. Or “a sur­vival game for the sim­plest of sim­ple­tons” that some­how at­tracted no re­sponse to fund “high qual­ity tex­tures and awe­some in-game fea­tures”. Not all of the ideas are ter­ri­ble, but Kick­ended is a solemn and oddly hyp­notic data­base of what not to do when cre­at­ing your own cam­paign.

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