The magic num­ber


At one point, the game had four sword po­si­tions in­stead of the cur­rent three, but the team found that a low stance just asked too much of play­ers. “When we looked at the stats, only 17 per cent of at­tacks were low, and only ten per cent of suc­cess­ful blocks,” Van­den­berghe says. “I think it’s a brain prob­lem. I think hu­mans just don’t ex­pect to be at­tacked from the ground like that.” That, and videogames’ en­dur­ing love af­fair with the rule of three, saw the low po­si­tion sliced off. “The goal is to re­duce the men­tal load so peo­ple can play it. It doesn’t mean the game has to be sim­ple – it means there are cer­tain kinds of com­plex­ity that we [as de­vel­op­ers] have to avoid.”

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