Friend­lier ri­vals


Forza 6’ s AI is built on the latest it­er­a­tion of Turn 10’s Dri­vatar tech­nol­ogy, and com­bines data from both Forza 5 and Hori­zon 2. This has led to some sur­pris­ing be­havioural ad­vances, such as cars late break­ing or lock­ing up a sin­gle wheel in corners – tech­niques the team didn’t ex­pect to see its Forza 6 ve­hi­cles em­ploy­ing. But Forza 6 will also al­low you cus­tomise how the grid be­haves by switch­ing off ag­gres­sive be­hav­iours if you’d rather not deal with the pack’s less sports­man-like qual­i­ties. “I’m one of them,” Giese says. “I’ve been at the stu­dio for ten years, and I don’t give a shit – I’m a ter­ri­ble driver and I’m go­ing to try to win. [But in Forza 6] you can just say ‘ig­nore’ and it’ll es­sen­tially neuter [my Dri­vatar] so I’m not as ag­gres­sive.

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