Cre­ative death


While Agent 47 has been grow­ing steadily more ca­pa­ble over the course of the se­ries, Io-In­ter­ac­tive is switch­ing fo­cus for

Hitman. The bald as­sas­sin’s new park­our abil­i­ties cer­tainly open up new op­tions, but it’s his se­lec­tion of gad­gets that re­ally count. “We’ve moved away from try­ing to cre­ate new abil­i­ties for Agent 47, since we want tools and plan­ning to be a big­ger part of the game,” Elverdam ex­plains. “You have a load­out and ob­vi­ously what­ever you bring into the level with you is also a choice that you have to make. We want

Hitman to be more of a cre­ative game, about fig­ur­ing out what’s go­ing on.”

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