Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls


Fea­tur­ing tales of green marker pens and un­for­tu­nate pink slips

“I don’t think most hu­mans want to look stupid, [or] iso­late them­selves from the world.”

The mod­ern vir­tual re­al­ity head­set is one aug­men­ta­tion on which Deus Ex de­signer War­ren Spec­tor isn’t yet sold

“In suc­cess­ful western games, there’s a sense of scale: a big world and big things. But [with] themes or core ideas, there is way too much of the same thing.”

Keiji Inafune – now mak­ing a Mega Man Le­gends homage – is a model of self-aware­ness

“The only colour he had left was the green no­body wanted, so we made all this [Xbox] stuff with green, and now it’s still green. I find that bizarre.”

Fa­ther of Xbox Sea­mus Black­ley on how Ho­race Luke’s stolen marker pens came to de­fine the con­sole’s lurid brand­ing

“I don’t take changes like these lightly… they af­fect the lives of peo­ple who’ve made an im­pact at Mi­crosoft.”

Mi­crosoft CEO Satya Nadella (first-year pay pack­age: $84m)/ tran­si­tions 7,800 em­ploy­ees to the back of the dole queue

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