Chap­ters are book­ended with scenes of an out-of-sight mem­ber of the group in a psy­chol­o­gist’s of­fice – a trick we’ve seen be­fore, no­tably in Silent Hill: Shat­tered Mem­o­ries, though one used very dif­fer­ently here. Dr Hall, played by Peter Stor­mare, has a dis­mal bed­side man­ner. He’s ag­gres­sive and seem­ingly speaks to the player as much as the pa­tient, re­fer­ring con­stantly to a game be­ing played. There are story de­ci­sions to be made here, too, and while Stor­mare’s man­ner makes it clear from the start that all is not as it seems, a re­veal is slowly, grace­fully han­dled. Af­ter each Stor­mare scene is a ‘Pre­vi­ously on…’ re­cap of the story – handy if you haven’t played for a while, but need­less when you’re tear­ing through the game in longer sit­tings.

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