10 Minute Bar­bar­ian



Devel­oper Wolff Dob­son is a big fan of strat­egy games, but finds it dif­fi­cult to set much time aside to play them. To ad­dress this, he’s cre­ated 10

Min­uteBar­bar­ian, his own dis­tilled take on the genre. The game is on Green­light and des­tined for PCs this year, but Dob­son has put up a three­sce­nario demo on his web­site. De­spite the ti­tle, it will easily see off 20 to 30 min­utes of your time, such is the mor­eish na­ture of this turn-based RTS. In each fast-mov­ing ses­sion you must build an army, raid vil­lages and forts, and pre­vent the De­mon Lords from en­slav­ing the land. Bat­tles are equally as swift, and take place be­tween mostly AI-con­trolled sides, but al­low you to wield some in­flu­ence. While there are only three maps to tackle, the lat­ter two pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ate their ter­ri­tory, en­sur­ing replay value.

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