Lizard skins


Dragons are cus­tomis­able, and you’ll be able to out­fit them with var­i­ous ar­mour sets – some bought from shops, oth­ers found out in the field. Heav­ier sets will, pre­dictably, pro­vide greater pro­tec­tion at the cost of move­ment speed, while lighter sets will al­low a more vul­ner­a­ble Thuban to quickly get in hits. You’re also able to change the el­e­ment Thuban uses – it breathes fire dur­ing our demo, but a video shows it us­ing ice, and Kamiya prom­ises other breath types, too. There will also be plenty of weapons for Drew to use in place of his stan­dard sword and bow. Kamiya adds: “This is just scratch­ing the sur­face of what to ex­pect from the va­ri­ety of weapons, dragon ar­mour and how deep the cus­tomi­sa­tion is.”

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