Bad kitty


Are­naNet’s strat­egy for com­mu­nity man­age­ment might en­tail at­ten­tive lis­ten­ing, but that doesn’t mean it puts up with trolls, racists or gen­er­ally im­po­lite be­hav­iour. Its tac­tics for deal­ing with in-game swear­ing are no­to­ri­ously rough­handed, with many play­ers banned from play­ing for up to a year. At one point, Are­naNet ac­tively tweeted re­sponses back to vo­cal ‘vic­tims’ of the ban ham­mer, out­lin­ing ex­actly which of­fen­sive lan­guage led to their fate. Over on the fo­rums, a par­tic­u­larly im­pact­ful tac­tic for deal­ing with of­fen­sive words was em­ployed, re­plac­ing ev­ery un­ut­ter­able slice of foul lan­guage with the word ‘kit­ten’. The best part was that Are­naNet didn’t tell play­ers what it was up to, leav­ing many of its fo­rum fre­quenters mut­ter­ing, “WTK?”

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