Ti­tan­fall Xbox One

Respawn’s shooter has changed greatly since launch, with a host of new maps and modes mak­ing it a dif­fi­cult game to go back to af­ter so long away. We soon find our way around the are­nas, how­ever, and slip back into a rampage of wall-run­ning, dou­ble-jump­ing and dis­patch­ing AI grunts to bring the game’s big­gest thrill – the hefty thunk of an air­dropped mech smash­ing into terra firma – that lit­tle bit closer.

Des­tiny PS4

The news that Des­tiny’s first-year ar­se­nal will soon be made ob­so­lete has sent the bulk of our friends list scur­ry­ing off to other games, but we’re not go­ing any­where. Even with­out the lure of hot new loot, Des­tiny re­tains its magic; in fact there’s a cer­tain thrill in the tem­po­rary re­moval of gun-lust, let­ting us en­joy the game for what it is with­out fret­ting about where our next leap in power is com­ing from.

Mafia II PC

With Mafia III mov­ing the ac­tion from the eastern seaboard to the deep south there’ll be no re­peat of a mem­o­rable early scene in Mafia II, when pro­tag­o­nist Vito Scal­leta re­turned home from the war to a win­try Em­pire Bay. So we re­in­stall, fire up chap­ter se­lect, trudge through the snow to Dean Martin bur­bling, “Baby, it’s cold out­side”, and won­der whether the new game can pos­si­bly match up to this at­mos­phere.

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