War shift mashes up three gen­res into a promis­ing whole


War shift’s breadth is daunt­ing. Base-build­ing, re­source col­lec­tion and RTS com­bat are blended with third­per­son ac­tion game­play in which you’re given con­trol over land, sea and air ve­hi­cles, as well as cus­tomis­able char­ac­ters who level up as the cam­paign pro­gresses. Many ve­hi­cles have mul­ti­ple modes (the Raider APC, for ex­am­ple, can trans­form into an aquatic ve­hi­cle that can zip along the sur­face or sub­merge to sneak up on tar­gets), and op­tions scale from troop car­ri­ers all the way up to air­borne arks and even or­bital dread­noughts, the game al­low­ing you to switch be­tween per­spec­tives and units at any time.

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