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The flip­pancy of Poke scape: Magic rap’s Stealthy Jour­ney For Sur­vival And Gy­rodeuce hides a sur­pris­ingly con­sid­ered stealth-puz­zle game. Cast as the tit­u­lar fledg­ling, you must reach the exit of each of the five lev­els while avoid­ing the ma­raud­ing kids wait­ing to hurl red-and-white an­i­mal traps at you. You can hide in any long grass you come across, but you also need to eat that grass to sur­vive – your heath rapidly de­pletes in quar­ter-sized chunks if you don’t keep chow­ing down. If you do get caught, it’s pos­si­ble to bash En­ter to es­cape again, but take too long about it and one of the kids will come over to claim their prize. To make things even more dif­fi­cult, there are pre­car­i­ously placed coins to col­lect if you want a three-star rat­ing as you travel about con­sum­ing your only means of con­ceal­ment.

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