Spla­toon Wii U The big Au­gust up­date may have cre­ated con­nec­tion prob­lems for a small num­ber of play­ers, but we’ve been en­joy­ing the messy plea­sures of the new Slosher weapon, a bucket of ink that’s eas­ier to get to grips with than the pow­er­ful but slow-charg­ing Splatling gun. New ga­me­type Rain­maker,

mean­while, is a chaotic treat: each ad­vance is like a run­ning play across a grid­iron, team­mates pro­tect­ing the car­rier

while clear­ing a route to the end­zone.

Lara Croft Go iOS If Crys­tal Dy­nam­ics’ vi­o­lent re­boot came

at the cost of Lara’s more cere­bral side, this mo­bile out­ing acts as coun­ter­bal­ance, find­ing her once again ma­nip­u­lat­ing an­cient mech­a­nisms with levers and pres­sure plates (though you’ll still launch

con­ve­niently placed spears to re­move rep­til­ian ag­gres­sors). It’s pol­ished fare that leaves but one ques­tion: how on Earth will the in­evitable Just Cause Go work?

Puz­zle & Dragons iOS A lu­cra­tive F2P game is al­ways go­ing to be sub­ject to power creep as it ma­tures,

but the re­cent ar­rival of PAD’s Mon­ster Points trad­ing post prompted not so much a creep as a rocket jump. Shiva Dragon, the first PAD card to of­fer a guar­an­teed 5x dam­age mul­ti­plier, costs 300,000MP; you

can sell rare mon­sters for around 5,000 apiece. Grubby, nasty, money-hun­gry stuff.

We bought one im­me­di­ately, ob­vi­ously.

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