Mak­ing Child Of Light proved some­thing of a turn­ing point for Plourde. “I guess it kind of acted as a point where I be­came free of the past,” he ad­mits. “As a de­signer, it al­lowed me to go and be­come an adult, I’d say. The first ten years of my ca­reer were manic, and I still have that in me, but now there’s less of a need to prove my­self. It’s funny be­cause we sold way more copies of Far Cry 3, but I hate that game, man. I don’t un­der­stand why peo­ple love it! Now I’m way more happy at work, I’d say. I’ve be­come more at peace with my­self, and I feel the end re­sult of that pres­sure.”

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