Jack Joyce’s five tem­po­ral pow­ers each op­er­ate on their own cooldown timer, but to­gether of­fer a pal­ette of of­fen­sive and de­fen­sive op­tions. When he’s hun­kered down in cover due to Monarch sol­diers’ sup­press­ing fire, Joyce can for­tify him­self with a time shield that halts in­com­ing bul­lets as they near his pro­tec­tive aura. From there, his dodge abil­ity al­lows him to briefly slow time be­fore and af­ter trav­el­ling a short dis­tance – best used to ma­noeu­vre away from gun­fire, get a bead on an en­emy, and pull the trig­ger from your new van­tage point. Dodge’s big brother, rush, gives you a longer pe­riod in which to dart away from dan­ger to a more ad­van­ta­geous po­si­tion. Melee take­downs are es­pe­cially ef­fec­tive while rush­ing.

Push­ing the idea fur­ther, ‘time stop’ (as it’s known in­ter­nally at Rem­edy) pauses the world and al­lows you to fire off bul­lets that then gain ex­tra ve­loc­ity when time spools for­ward again. You can see them hang­ing in the air, static and glow­ing, as if lick­ing their lips. Fi­nally, ‘time blast’ (another work­ing ti­tle) stretches plau­si­bil­ity to its limit, re­leas­ing a Force-push-like ki­netic wave upon en­e­mies, who are knocked back and slowed in its wake.

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