Cloth ears


Reagent has ap­plied what it terms ‘dig­i­tal fab­ric’ to al­most ev­ery sur­face in the game. En­com­pass­ing the likes of fu­tur­is­tic advertising hoard­ings, road signs and screens, these pro­vide a por­tal through which your hack-savvy foes can com­mu­ni­cate with you. Such ‘feed-jack­ings’ en­able the stu­dio to make the game’s nar­ra­tive fol­low the player with­out in­ter­rupt­ing their move­ment or free­dom. “We never have to stop you, take you out of the world or add a lin­ear­ity to the game that we don’t want,” Jones says. Dig­i­tal fab­ric is also ap­plied to Agents and ve­hi­cles to pro­vide use­ful in­for­ma­tion, such as shield level, dam­age and the di­rec­tion of in­com­ing fire, and should al­low for an un­ob­tru­sive UI.

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