Per­sonal space


While the holo­graphic pro­jec­tions of the events we’re privy to de­pict only fairly nor­mal pro­fes­sional in­ter­ac­tions and a cel­e­bra­tory gath­er­ing to view a rare ce­les­tial event, there’s an un­der­cur­rent of un­ease per­vad­ing them. It’s a vibe brought to the sur­face in the pri­vate emails and mes­sages ex­changed be­tween the crew. “Six isn’t many peo­ple to be in this huge place all by them­selves, and they’re ba­si­cally there to run the sta­tion and keep each other sane – it’s pretty easy to not be sane in space all by your­self,” Zi­monja ex­plains. “They’ve all been thrown to­gether, and it’s like, ‘Here, this is where you’re work­ing’, and they all just have to learn to get along and treat each other well. That’s part of the process.”

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