Foun­da­tion and em­pire


Moddable to their core, Para­dox games past have pro­vided a plat­form for less con­ven­tional his­to­ries, most no­tably the Song Of Ice And Fire con­ver­sion for

Cru­sader Kings II. Fåhraeus as­sures us that Stel­laris will be just as open for over­haul as pre­vi­ous ti­tles, even if that makes it a great glow­ing bea­con for DMCA take­down no­tices. Stel­laris will host no scripted cam­paigns by de­fault (the idea may crop up in ex­pan­sions, “if it sells”), but the func­tion­al­ity is in place, await­ing intrepid mod­ders to build spe­cific gal­ax­ies rife with in­fring­ing con­tent. Should the pro­ce­dural nar­ra­tive be­gin to re­peat it­self, the voy­ages of the Star­ship En­ter­prise, a flight from Cy­lons away from your home­world, or a tale built on Asimov’s laws of ro­bot­ics are, as fall­backs go, pretty solid op­tions.

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