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While Fron­tier for­merly re­vealed it was work­ing on a pro­ject called Coaster Park Ty­coon, the T-word is no­tice­ably ab­sent from Planet Coaster’s ti­tle. “Drop­ping any men­tion of ‘Ty­coon’ was a very con­scious de­ci­sion,” Law ex­plains. “[It’s over­sub­scribed] and there’s ev­ery­thing from Prison Ty­coon to Fish Ty­coon – you don’t know what you’re get­ting. So in some ways we’re start­ing fresh, but we’re us­ing the knowl­edge that was there when we first made Roller­coaster Ty­coon 3.”

Den­ney qual­i­fies that knowl­edge pool is more than sim­ply re­viv­ing a me­chan­i­cal tem­plate: “It does feel like we’re re­build­ing the whole thing, rather than try­ing to take some­thing that ex­ists and copy it. Ul­ti­mately, it’s an amaz­ing toy­box where you can cre­ate amaz­ing things.”

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