Craig Olsen on the Nim­bus and Steel Se­ries’s Ap­ple TV am­bi­tions


With Steel Se­ries hard­ware fea­tur­ing on Ap­ple’s own prod­uct page for Ap­ple TV, Craig Olsen, its pres­i­dent of world­wide mobile, is un­sur­pris­ingly bullish. He reck­ons the set-top box will be a “rich, im­mer­sive, and re­ward­ing ex­pe­ri­ence” for mil­lions of peo­ple.

Nim­bus is the first pad to be re­vealed that was built specif­i­cally with the hard­ware in mind, even if Ap­ple’s own fo­cus has switched to en­sure Siri Re­mote is uni­ver­sally sup­ported across tv OS’s App Store. Olsen diplo­mat­i­cally says Ap­ple’s con­troller is “re­mark­able, as one would ex­pect – an im­pres­sive feat of en­gi­neer­ing that de­liv­ers a great ex­pe­ri­ence for con­sumers who use it to play games”. Yet he still be­lieves “some con­sumers will pre­fer a more fa­mil­iar but­ton and trig­ger lay­out”.

Even if con­trollers might now be some­what side­lined, Olsen doesn’t ap­pear down­cast: “We felt the chance to build a gamepad con­troller for the new Ap­ple TV rep­re­sented a sin­gu­lar op­por­tu­nity not only for Steel Se­ries, but also for con­sumers, in that we were con­fi­dent we could do it bet­ter than any­one else.” He adds that the Nim­bus rep­re­sents the com­pany’s most ex­ten­sive R&D ef­fort ever. De­spite re­tail­ing well be­low pre­vi­ous MFi ef­forts ($50), the Nim­bus boasts a Light­ning port, 40 hours of play­ing time per charge, and premium com­po­nents through­out. “It will also con­trol other con­tent on the Ap­ple TV,” Olsen says, “mean­ing that for as low as $199, some­one can have a new Ap­ple TV, com­plete with both Siri [Re­mote] and Nim­bus con­trollers. That’s a com­plete en­ter­tain­ment and gam­ing plat­form for a re­mark­ably low price.”

The Nim­bus re­sem­bles other MFi con­trollers but in­cludes a prom­i­nent Menu but­ton with which to nav­i­gate TV func­tions, and also in­cor­po­rates a pro­pri­etary Light­ning port

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