Why Drive Any Track needs the hu­man touch


In Drive Any Track, a given song pro­duces the same course for all play­ers, which is as­signed a dif­fi­culty rat­ing. That’s where MEGA can mess up – be­ing un­able to judge what a hu­man con­sid­ers hard. It’s a se­ri­ous ma­chine learn­ing prob­lem, so FOAM has turned to the crowd for help, build­ing a chart sys­tem to get the best tracks voted to the top, and tweak­ing the code to en­sure the ex­tremes of chal­lenge are right. “There was a point where it didn’t feel so ex­cit­ing any more, be­cause we’d made every­thing too safe,” says Mil­bourne. “Now, if you play an ab­so­lutely nuts track, it’s go­ing to be nuts!”

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