While Bungie was sur­pris­ingly open in the run-up to The Taken King’s re­lease, it kept quiet about its new weapon type un­til the 11th hour. Swords sit in the heavy weapon slot, which goes some way to both ex­plain­ing and mak­ing up for the nerf to rocket launch­ers, and are an ab­so­lute de­light to use, mak­ing mince­meat of even the tough­est foes. Squeeze L2 and you can block any at­tack at the cost of some of your ammo; the ex­otic vari­ant adds an R2 at­tack so pow­er­ful that it costs five ‘bul­lets’ per swing. With a three-hit combo that can be ex­tended with a jump can­cel, swords are a bril­liant way of en­cour­ag­ing close-quar­ters com­bat af­ter a year spent ping­ing rock­ets from afar.

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