As you com­plete ob­jec­tives, you level up and un­lock skill points, in­creas­ing your celebrity skater’s stats – move­ment speed, ol­lie jump height, bal­ance, and so on – in the tra­di­tional fash­ion. You also ac­quire new char­ac­ter mod­els, which take the con­cept of player cus­tomi­sa­tion to fairly lu­di­crous ex­tremes: the screen­shots you see on th­ese pages all fea­ture, be­lieve it or not, Tony Hawk him­self. Else­where, there’s a clunky level editor whose early player cre­ations are rather telling. A Most Liked sub­menu yields a screen full of lev­els that have been given pre­cisely zero likes, and more than half of them are re­makes of the orig­i­nal THPS’s Ware­house level, as if play­ers are des­per­ately look­ing back on a sim­pler, more tech­ni­cally sta­ble, much hap­pier time.

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